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Every Monday, I share how to free up 30% of time at work, so you can enjoy what matters beyond work.


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    Practical tips to our fundamental problem in remote collaboration: comprehensive system, saves time and allows flexibility.


    Jörg Oyen
    Lead Innovation Instructor

    A very well put together system. From an organizational standpoint, I can’t imagine anything surpassing this.


    Brent Millard
    Assistant Store Director

    The information is incredibly relevant. The visual style makes it so easy to digest, absorb and retain.


    Shreya Upadhyaya
    Assistant Project Manager

    The main perk is the ability for anyone to find anything within 5 clicks max in my new folder arrangement.


    Yann Camprasse
    Project Management

    We all think we know the file is “somewhere”. With Kate’s filing system we know exactly where “somewhere” is. 


    Bruno Stultjens
    Strategic Business Development

    I particularly appreciate Kate’s wisdom around thinking biases. The playbook is a guide to overcome them to work smarter.


    Kami Lewis Levin
    Learning & Leadership Executive

    What makes Kate’s content invaluable is a combination of how, practical tips, and why, drivers for understanding. Big fan!


    Omar Halabieh
    Director of Technology

    your challenge - bad busy

    Unproductive meetings, email distractions, and poor organization consume almost 50% of your time.

    Bad busyness affects you, your team, and your business.

    What's worse, you may not even realize what you’re giving up: your well-being, family, happiness, bonuses, and more.

    The truth is, we're rarely taught how to use time intentionally at work. Most training programs and apps address symptoms rather than tackling the root cause.

    my promise - good busy
    Hi, I'm Kate Sotsenko, your productivity educator and coach.

    Productivity is a game. I'll not only show you how to play it but also how to win it.

    Learning to ask good questions and make better decisions, you can achieve results with less.

    80% of all constraints are internal. No apps can fix them, but your actions can solve them all.

    I reclaimed +30% of my work time for my coaching degree, laughter with friends and quiet moments at the beach.

    My biggest lesson: the quality of time at work equals the quality of time at home.

    3 ways we can partner up

    01online course

    You'll learn principles to free up 30% of time from unproductive meetings and tasks, making time for what matters to you.

    02group workshops

    In my workshops I teach you how to achieve results with less, enjoy being "lazy" at work, and free up your and your team's time.

    03individual coaching

    Coaching will help you develop self-awareness of behaviours that free up 30% of time for what matters to you.

    people I've worked with

    Our coaching sessions challenged my thought process. Understanding how I think helped me uncover the why behind my decisions and next steps I needed to take. Kate’s heart for people and thirst for knowledge are real. She has changed my life and I’m always grateful.


    Charlotte Wink-Lim
    Sales & Marketing Manager

    My experience with Kate helped me grow professionally towards more self-mastery, empowerment and fulfillment of my true self. Kate’s empathy and good mood eased the coaching process. Her organization methods remain my daily tools to stay good busy.


    Leslie Guidez-Marjanovic
    Art Director

    Kate has been a perfect guide on my journey towards professional reinvention. Our sessions provided ample food for thought to positively change my work and life. Her advice helps me stay ‘good busy’ instead of ‘crazy-on-the-edge-of burnout busy’ I was used to.


    Ksenia Mershina
    Deputy Head of R&D

    As an ADDer, being productive and organized doesn’t always come naturally to me. Kate has equipped me with productivity tips and helped me get clarity on my priorities and how to achieve them. I’ve never been as efficient in both professional and personal live. 


    Sofia Lahmann
    Global Head of Digital Tech Communications


    companies I've worked for


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